Fairway Advisors’ core competencies are golf course brokerage and advisory services for the golf industry.

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Advisory Services

Fairway Advisors offers clients a vast array of advisory services focusing on efficient operations, facility management, operational best practices, and physical inspections.

fairway advisors brokerage services

Brokerage Services

Today, the business of golf is very competitive. Oversupply and stagnant player participation have created an environment of diminishing revenues for many operators.

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Member Owned Clubs

Well before the current economic cycle, private clubs were struggling due to increased competition and diminishing membership.

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Alternative Use Experts

Fairway Advisors is the leading expert in golf course redevelopment. We have been advising clients on excess land, or redevelopment of their entire facility, for decades

fairway advisors lender services

Institutional Investor Advisory

Fairway Advisors works with institutional investors seeking to enter the golf industry space or to enact an exit.


Lender Services

Fairway Advisors offers specialized services to  lenders of non-performing golf assets. We provide objective advice that leads to minimizing your risk while maximizing the asset’s value.

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Bankruptcy Trustees

Today one of the most common means of quickly disposing of assets is under section 363 of Chapter 11 bankruptcy code. A Chapter 11 debtor has the fiduciary duty to achieve the highest and best price for its assets.